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FAQ for clients and what people say about Propel Technology Services

Clients’ FAQ and Testimonials

1) I have a problem or an idea. How do I start?

The first step is always the most difficult. Contact us by sending an email to We pay attention to details and we can help focus your next great idea.

2) What can Propel Technology Services do for me?

Anything. Well not exactly. Propel Technology Services specializes in business technology solutions. From simple hardware sales and installations to more complex custom software development, we're there to help your business solve problems. We strive to earn your trust and become your business allies.

3) How long has Propel been providing these services?

Propel Technology Services has been providing innovative business technology services for the last 5 years. The majority of our clients didn't have a clear idea where to start or what to do. Through careful planning and tedious education, we have enabled our clients to become self-sufficient and less fearful when it comes to technological problems or limitations.

4) In a nutshell, how does the process go?

First we gather as much information about your project and needs through specific questions and discussions. Our technicians, designers, or programmers present you with a draft of what we believe would be an ideal solution for your business. We repeat the process until our drafts and your input bring to life a working model of the project. Once all specifications are approved, the final phases are completed and the outcome is a solution that best fits your needs.

5) How is cost calculated and charged?

We believe that it is best to assess the cost of the project when we gather enough information as to its scope. There is never a charge for initial consultation and discussion. We present you with a clear and final cost range analysis and you'll have the freedom to choose the charge method that best fits your budget. Our expertise and flexibility allow us to employ a wide variety of approaches and methodologies. This is why We are confident that we can meet most budgets and timelines.

6) Is financing available?

Medium to large projects can be 100% financed. we have a variety of financing structures to fit your needs and budget. Your project manager will discuss the financing details upon request.

7) What if I'm not satisfied with the finished project?

Simply put, you won't be. That's because we do not declare a project "finished" until we receive your full approval and we're certain of your satisfaction.

8) How does Propel provide support?

Our dedicated support email is and is always available for support issues. You may also submit support tickets to Support services are included with most projects at no additional cost for up to one year from the date of delivery depending on the size of the project. Continued support and upgrade contracts may be purchased in conjunction with the initial project.

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